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Client Testimonials

"I am so grateful and blessed that you were willing to work with me on this property. It looks amazing and the team is unprecedented. I cannot wait for my next listings to work together! I have told my office how amazing you all are!"

Patti M. - Realtor - January 2016

"Wow, what a difference! Your employees did an awesome job and really worked hard to create the vibe I was looking for. I will gladly recommend your company and hope to use your services in the future. Thank you!"

Vicky B. - Realtor - April 2015

"I just wanted to let you all know how pleased I am with how my house looks. Thanks to everyone for a job well done!"

Stacy T. - Homeowner - Nov. 2014

?We needed to sell our home quickly! The home was empty at the time, and staging our home was the best decision we made in the process. Being a smaller three bedroom home, at 1,400 Sq Ft., Coast Home Staging put in the proper scale of furniture which made the home look so much larger. The furnishing and d?cor were understated yet so amazing beautiful and clever. All of our friends and family that viewed the home while it was staged stated that it was just beautifully done, as we completely agreed. Coast Home Staging was so easy to work with, and very accommodating in the staging process. The cost of the staging was so worth the results. We ended up getting four offers on the second day it was put on the market, prior to the first open house, and two of the offers were over asking price. Two more offers came in within the following week and the home sold is a timely manner and at the price we wanted. Thank you Coast Home Staging!"

Michelle L.- Homeowner - Costa Mesa CA - Aug. 2012

"Coast Home Staging are miracle workers. My clients were selling their house through a relocation company. The husband moved to a new location with all their furniture and belongings, while the wife remained in the home to complete her work obligations. Coast Home Staging was able to stage with furniture that had to be literally functional and polished looking at the same time. We received an offer within 24 hours on the market! Fantastic job Coast Home Staging!"

Michele K. - Realtor - Long Beach, CA - July 2012

"Let me start with WOW! What a huge difference you made in our listings on Ocana and Hackett Both homes had tons of people through them but we had no offers. We had them both staged last week and have 3 offers on Ocana and 1 on Hackett... unbelievable! Your taste and understanding of how to use the floor plan to it's best use is unbeatable! Money well spent!
Thank you for your attention to detail and adding the emotion that both homes needed to get offers, you're the best!"

Rhonda B. & Dave D. - Realtor / Broker - Long Beach, CA - Feb. 2012

"I thought the staging was well thought out and identified and provided great resolution regarding two main issues facing the property: (1) the inability for a prospective home buyer to identify "the dining room area" ; (2) the inability for a prospective home buyer to visualize and identify how the "living room" would or could be functional. The remaining rooms were well done and complemented the quality of our finish work and functionality of the house. One of our managing members has built over 5000 homes and was very complimentary after viewing the staging."

Gary C. ? Investor ? Long Beach, CA - Feb. 2011

"I had a client?s property staged by Coast Home Staging. The condo is ocean front and was not receiving any offers?since having it staged in a week we have had over 20 showings and have already received one offer!?I attribute the success to the wonderful work?of Coast Home staging! Thank you again!"

Justin P. ? Long Beach, CA - Feb 2011

"The staging looks great! I definitely noticed a difference this past weekend during my open house - instead of getting looks of?confusion by some people when they walked in, I got oohs and ahhs...I was able to get a few people in who saw it vacant and now? staged and they all seemed to agree that it shows better now - it helps them visualize the "lifestyle", as you pointed out, and helps?distract from any perceived "negative" aspects of the house.

Jennifer P. ? Long Beach, CA - Dec 2010

"My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to express our overwhelming satisfaction with both the work you did with our home in?Long Beach as well as the warm and professional way you have conducted your business. ?When the front door was opened for the first time following your staging, we were not sure we were at the correct address. ?The products that you choose for the rooms? presented were correct in every detail. We both are very pleased with your company and will not hesitate to recommend your?company to friends in the future."

Kathy & John L. ? Home Owners - Long Beach, CA -?Aug 2010

"The new homes on Danny Avenue look amazing! I don't even know where to start to say thank you.?Your spirit of cooperation and?willingness to be there whenever it was convenient for us was so helpful. We're both glad we did it! The place looks amazing, the?house has been completely transformed and the sales team were all anxious to tell me how excited they are to be able to present? the properties for sale. ?Great job, and by the way [the] pictures you took were fabulous."

Heather B. ? Cypress, CA ? July 2010

"Love what the 2 of you have done with the unit. Thanks for the pictures! Gave the 2 managers in the Lafayette office the royal tour?after you left...they were amazed. Thank you."

Win G. ? Long Beach, CA?- June 2010 ?

"I came down to Southern California to see the staging in person. It is spectacular and truly inspired. A visiting realtor, a specialist in local properties, ooed and aahd throughout and said it looked like a new model home. Clearly, that is due to the staging. It is just?enough to create a welcoming homey atmosphere."

Emma F. ? Homeowner - Lake Forest, CA ? June 2010

"The staging at the Northwood property is beautiful. It is warm and inviting, just what the Seller wanted. My photographer said it was one of the best staging jobs he had seen. Thank you for all your hard work. I do?appreciate you getting it done so quickly! I will certainly refer you to my Associates."

Anita G. ? Realtor, Coldwell Banker, President-Elect Women?s Council of Realtors ? June 2010

"Professionally staged by the folks at Coast Home Staging. I can't say enough about the incredible work they do.?They stage all my properties for me... truly best-in-class."

Gabriel A. ? Real Estate Investor ? May 2010